Static Dynamic Universal Testing Machine / MTS Servo Hydraulic Testing Machine

Static Dynamic Universal Testing Machine / MTS Servo Hydraulic Testing Machine


สถานที่กำเนิด: ทำในประเทศจีน
ชื่อแบรนด์: Infinity Machine
ได้รับการรับรอง: CE, ISO
หมายเลขรุ่น: IN-DF30


Minimum Order Quantity: 1
ราคา: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
Delivery Time: Shipped in 35 days after payment
Payment Terms: D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 200 sets per month
กำลังทดสอบสูงสุดแบบคงที่: ± 30kN แรงทดสอบ Max Dynamic: ± 30kN
ความผันผวนแบบไดนามิก: ≤± 1% FS ความกว้างสูงสุดของตัวกระตุ้น: 75mm ±
ความถี่สูงสุด: 20Hz / 50Hz / 50-100Hz พื้นที่ทดสอบสูงสุด: 750 มม. (รวมเชือก)
ระยะห่างระหว่างคอลัมน์: 600 มม. ทาง Cotrol: กระดาษเยื่อกระดาษทิ้งที่ทำจากกระดาษรีไซเคิลด้วยระบบ

computerised universal testing machine


hydraulic testing machine


Static Dynamic Universal Testing Machine / MTS Servo Hydraulic Testing Machine


Model: IN-DF300




Electro-hydraulic servo dynamic and static universal testing machine is widely used for dynamic and static mechanical property test on materials and components, including tensile, compression, low-cycle and high-cycle fatigue test. Equipped with high and low temperature chamber, it can do mechanical test under high and low temperature.


It is one of our latest developed series dynamic and static universal testing machines. Key parts of main machine, constant voltage servo station and hydraulic pressure chuck are designed and manufactured by our company, key bought-in parts like servo valve and sealing element are all use international and domestic similar famous brand products, greatly improving stability and reliability of the system. the whole performance of the testing machine has a comparable level to the product technology of international advanced products.


Developing ideas:


It is designed by adopting developing ideas of “unitization, modularization and standardization”, absorbing international advanced technologies of electro-hydraulic servo dynamic testing machine and combining actual service condition of national users. Its key kits adopt international and domestic similar famous brand products, greatly improving stability and reliability of the system. Key elements and components of the system adopt contemporary international technology manufacturing, the whole performance of the test system has a comparable level to the product technology of international famous dynamic testing machine companies. This series products own features of easy to use, high control accuracy and good reliability.




1. Max Static test force: ±30kN.

2. Max Dynamic test force: ±30kN;dynamic fluctuation: ≤±1%FS.

3. Max amplitude of actuator: ±75mm, indicating accuracy±0.5%FS.

4. Maximum frequency: 20Hz / 50Hz / 50-100Hz.

5. Control mode: load, stroke and deformation control modes, mainly testing wave: supported by controller (including sine wave, 

    square wave, triangular wave, oblique wave and external input wave).

6. Max test space: 750mm (including chuck).

7. Distance between columns: 600mm.

8. Specification of constant voltage servo pump station: flow≥37L/min, 21Mpa, 380V three phase.

9. Specimen clamping range: length of flat specimen is 0 -26mm; diameter of round specimen is 5-31mm.


Program Description:


30KN electro-hydraulic servo dynamic and static universal testing machine is composed of the main machine(200KN servo linear actuator), hydraulic pressure chuck, hydraulic pressure driver module, one set of constant voltage servo pump station(flow is 90L/min and system pressure is 21MPa), all-digital single-channel servo controller, computer printer, related test software and other necessary attachments.


1. Main machine


The main machine has double column frame structure, with 30KN servo liner actuator underneath inside the main machine frame. Forced hydraulic pressure chuck is respectively mounted on the beam and the top of the actuator piston. Beam adjustment adopts hydraulic lifting, hydraulic clamping and elastic loose structure, guaranteeing that the beam is stable and reliable in the test, and making sure that the beam is locked and immovable in the state of no test. Outside surface of the column adopts electroplating hard chromium process, effectively improving wear resistance ability of the column as well as the anti-corrosion ability, it also makes appearance of the main machine better.

The main machine owns features of compact structure, smooth lifting beam, rigid rack, reliable specimen clamping, good centering ability and easy mounting and clamping; and equipped with various grips and environment test devices, its test functions can be extended.


2. Actuator:


Servo liner actuator is the core component of testing machine, the machine outputs test force through actuator. It is self-designed and manufactured with our own technology, mounted underneath the machine machine, composed of actuator body, hydraulic pressure control module and sensor.


3. Forced hydraulic pressure chuck:


Forced hydraulic pressure chuck is composed of chuck and hydraulic pressure module. The function of hydraulic pressure chuck is clamping specimen, and it is composed of fixture body, clamping piston, jaw and related accessories. Clamping oil cylinder is embedded in the fixture body, adopting bi-directional clamping method, regardless of the change of specimen width, it can always guarantee the concentricity of specimen. Clamping piston and fixture body matches, the fit clearance is less, making the service life of fixture body longer.

Specimen clamping range: Width of flat specimen is 0~26mm

Width of round specimen is 5~31mm


4. Constant voltage pump station:


     The pump station is mainly composed of baseplate, oil tank, oil pump generator system, valve block, piping and cooling system. It is used for

     providing power for testing machine.


5. Full-digital single channel servo controller:


5.1. Control channel amount: one, including this closed-loop control circuit of test force, test displacement and test deformation. It has

       uperturbed smooth handover function in control mode.

5.2. Control software of electro-hydraulic servo dynamic testing machine(system):

Multi-function test software: it is a test software with strong flexibility and complete function, users can design special test method via it

without programming. This software can make various control functions, data collecting function and other miscellaneous functions of

servo controller on a panel on the way of icons, so that users can drag these function icons to the test-defined panel, and freely

combine them according to needs, thus can conduct test according to the methods users defined.

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